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The Pembroke Watershed Association is a grassroots, nonprofit organization run by dedicated volunteers. The PWA began in the Fall of 2004 and covers Furnace, Hobomock, Little Sandy Bottom, Oldham and Stetson ponds in the Town of Pembroke, Massachusetts.

To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Monitor water quality and compile comprehensive reports
  • Hold an annual pond clean up day
  • Hold annual fundraising events with raffle drawings
  • Partner with schools, businesses and other community groups and watersheds
  • Work closely with local governmental departments and commissions
  • Have on-going educational outreach with general public and youth

President - Bob Kenney

Bob has been a resident of Pembroke since 2017. Along with his wife Sherri, and their trusted pooch Hallie, they enjoy Oldham Pond by cruising around on their pontoon for as long as the weather allows. Bob is usually the first one on the Pond in spring, and the last one off in the fall!

Vice-President Steve Patt

Steve is a long-term resident of Stetson Pond, enjoying time on the water with his wife Debbie and their out-of-control Sheltie. When not chasing his grandson, Steve can generally be found puttering around the yard, walking the bogs that surround his home and playing classic rock far too loudly.

Steve became a Board Member of the PWA last year to join the effort to protect Pembroke’s ponds. His focus will be bridging the gap between town government and pond residents to ensure the mutual goal of enhancing the natural beauty of our watershed for the enjoyment of all.

He welcomes all inquiries, suggestions and comments at [email protected]

Treasurer - Judy Ferrante

Judy’s roots started in South Boston but she ended up in Pembroke in 2009. Judy spent over 40 years in various Boston-based banks in the Investment Operations field as an Operations Manager and Vice President. Judy is an avid fisherwoman who can often be found on Oldham or Stetson looking for those large-mouth bass!

Secretary - Nikki Tantillo

Nikki enjoys the beauty and fun on Oldham Pond.

Director - Membership - Sarah Trant

Sarah has lived on Oldham Pond since 2009. Sarah would love to see everyone come together to see how we can make a difference for our ponds, environment, and wildlife.

Director - Water Quality - Patti McCabe

Patti and her husband Chuck bought a house on Furnace Pond Pembroke in 2003, and are founding members of the PWA. Patti has a life-long love of the outdoors, and wants to be involved in pond restoration with a focus on water quality and pond clean up. Patti also enjoys landscaping and has created a beautiful buffer zone along the water. Patti says "The PWA has been successful in meeting some of our water quality goals and establishing a strong partnership with the town government; I hope to continue to foster this relationship and build a stronger membership base on Furnace pond".

Director of Public Relations- Tracy Marino

Tracy has lived in Pembroke with her husband Phil and their 5 children for 25 years and on Stetson Pond for 13 of those years.

 She joined the watershed to assist in advocating for the care and preservation of our valuable ponds.

If you cannot locate her she is in a kayak in the middle of Stetson.